Setting New BenchMarks In Furnishing

There was a time luxurious furnishing was only limited to extreme rich & royals but in today`s world its not just trendy but part of everyone`s life. However setting it as per everyone`s budget is where our expertise comes to rescue you. 

We understand not everytime everyone is willing to spend a heap of money on a single thing where furniture, home decor is also getting costly. So lets sit down and plan your furnishing needs to fit into your budget. Somethings can be repaired too, so consult us before you plan your home/office decor. 




Select from our wide range of fabric catalogs from top manufacturers like D`Decor and we will stitch custom made curtains especially to suit & fit your windows beautifully. 


Window blinds are trending since few years and they are a magnificent alternative to typical window curtains. We can custom stitch any kind of blinds in your choice of fabtic & desing. 


Whether its new sofa or you are thinking about exchanging the old one for a new one. Just hold on and contact us. We can transform any sofa in trendy new design for all new look easily. 


We have ready stock of most running sizes of branded stocks of top mattresses brands but if you have an special need, we would love to provide our special services for custom made.


Coloring walls is still the mass practice but if you are one of those who think differently and ahead of masses, then welcome to our wide range of wallpaper designs.

Furnishing Repairs

The most important things which majority of online & offline furnishing stores are ignoring is after sales services and repair. Dont hesitate to call us for any big or small repairs in furnishing.